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Carbaline x Aqva - Signature Frangrance

Carbaline x Aqva - Signature Frangrance

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500 ml Glass Bottle.

A special collaboration between us and one of our favorite perfume creators in Italy, Carbaline, a family business rooted in Verona. This is the fragrance we designed to be the home feeling of the hotel. The Mediterranean scent of orange, grapefruit, and Sicilian lemon combines with the freshness of gently floral notes in a musky bottom. 

The rattan sticks allow the fragrance to spread in the air, determining its intensity and duration: the more times a day they are turned upside down, the stronger the scent is perceived. The alcohol used in the formulation is of vegetable origin, derived from sugar cane, and is characterized by a purity of pharmaceutical grade. All fragrances are IFRA certified and produced in Italy.

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